All of our Electric Lamps are made out of 120,000+ Year Old Fossilized Coral, harvested from the dry land in the Northern Florida Keys. Only the finest quality materials are used to handcraft our lamps. From top-of-the-line, 150-watt dimmers, to Italian Acrylic or Burma Teak bases, necks and finials, each of our lamps is a one-of-a-kind natural treasure that will last a lifetime. 

In support of the stores that carry our products, we do not sell online. However, if a store is not in your area, you can give us a call at 305.772.5380. We'll send pictures of the desired products and, if you like them, we'll complete your order over the phone.

Electric Lamps - Styles

The Cudjoe

Italian Acrylic, Natural Linen Shade. Full range dimmer. Catalog Price $369

The Schooner

Teak with a Burlap or Linen shade. 150 watt dimmer. Catalog Price $199

The Windley

Italian Acrylic, Capiz Shade. Full Range Dimmer. Catalog Price: $369

The Matecumbe

Burma Teak, Gold Capiz Shade. Full Range 150-watt Dimmer. Catalog Price: $369

The Plantation

Italian Acrylic, Natural Linen Shade, Full Range 150-watt Dimmer. Catalog Price: $399

The Largo

Burma Teak or Acrylic. 150-watt Dimmer. Catalog Price $249
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