1. Where does your fossilized coral come from?

Fossil Lamps are made of ‘Keystone.’ It can only be harvested from dry land, in the Northern Keys, when landowners require it to be removed for construction projects.

Fossil Lamps are composed of preserved, fossilized marine colonies that lived 120,000+ years ago. Reminding us of the wonderful creatures that made up prehistoric ocean life, they are highly aesthetic, with immense sculptural character. Keystone is Pleistocene in age and the rock primarily consists of coral, such as Star, Brain, Fire and Elkhorn corals.

The Florida Keys are the exposed portions of an ancient coral reef. They were inhabited by the Caloosa Indians in the 1500s. Modern development began in the early 1900s. Quarries were developed to mine limestone, known as ‘keystone,’ to provide fill for railroad beds and embankments. The quarries were closed by the 1980s. In 1990, 2,800 square nautical miles of coastal waters surrounding the Florida Keys were designated as a national marine sanctuary.

2. Where does your natural stone come from? Along with Keystone, our Fossil Lamps also are made from a variety of natural stone, harvested from several countries. Our stone includes several types of onyx, quartz and marble.

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