Hurricane Lamps

Residents of Jerusalem in antiquity built their homes out of Jerusalem Stone (a form of limestone), quarried in the city. The residents then used the pits that remained as a cistern to collect rainwater beneath the homes. Ancient quarries can still be found around Jerusalem, as well as Rehov Hamadregot in Nahlaot, he Garden Tomb and near Yemin Moshe, in the Sanhedria neighborhood.

The story of Jerusalem Stone was the inspiration for our Menorahs, which, of course, are also created out of fossilized coral. Our Menorahs candles burn up to two hours and can easily be filled with Ultra Pure Paraffin oil. Expertly boxed, our Menorahs come with plenty of Paraffin oil, a brochure that explains how we harvest the coral and how we make our products, as well as a Deed of Land! After all, this is a piece of real estate. It’s just portable!

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  • Hurricane Lamps


    This beautiful artisan hurricane lamp is made from fossilized coral that forms in the Florida Keys.  Each lamp is a conversation, boasting its own variety of textures, colors and variations. Ancient skeletons of corals and marine animals are preserved to create a one-of-a-kind treasure of beauty and function.

    A subtle amber tinted, hand-blown glass chimney shields the paraffin oil-fueled, refillable reservoir that also features a permanent wick. Your lamp will burn up to 25 hours.  Gift comes boxed and includes 4 ounces, Ultrapure paraffin oil, its own Deed of Land, along with a brochure that explains how the fossilized coral is harvested and how to identify the skeletal specimens!

    Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, your hurricane lamp will add an island touch to any décor that will last a lifetime.

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