One hundred thousand years ago the Florida Keys were a living, growing coral reef 30 feet under water.  We now find this fossilized coral reef underground in the Northern Florida Keys. In 1980 the state of Florida made it illegal to take anything out of the ocean. The fossilized coral we use is harvested from the dry land of the Northern Florida Keys; when a building foundation is being built and this coral must be removed.  It can only be taken from the dry land and only from a licensed construction site.

Keystone Products is a company licensed to extract this fossilized coral from the keys during construction. A trencher cutter removes the coral in two-ton boulders.  The boulders are then sliced into two, three and four-inch thick slabs, using a 10-foot diamond wet saw.

We have a relationship with Keystone Products that allows use to select the slabs with the most intricate fossilized corals and other marine specimens. We take the coral slabs back to our studio in Pompano Beach.  Once in our studio we start the process of cutting, sandblasting, sanding, drilling and sealing the coral pieces creating unique lamps, tables and candles.

Each piece is a functional, one of a kind treasure that will last a lifetime.